Did You Notice the New iOS 7 Timer? It’s Amazing!

There are lots of reasons why people are excited about iOS 7. But the new timer has got to be one of the best upgrades. I know what you’re thinking, “it’s just a timer.” But it’s so much better now – for three reasons.

1. It’s visual.


As teachers we use timers with our students all the time. The new iOS 7 timer not only counts down, it has a red bar that makes its way around a circle as time passes. One trip around the circle, the time is up. Halfway through your timer? Halfway around the circle. The longer the timer, the slower the movement of the red bar. It’s great for those visual students who need to see how much time they have left.

2. It’s easy to find.


It’s accessible through the control center. A quick swipe and a tap and you’re there, ready to set it. No more going back to the home screen to find the clock app. And from the Control Center, it doesn’t just bring you to the clock app; it brings you straight to the timer!

3. You can see it from the lock screen.


This is really the best. When you’re at the lock screen, your timer is right there counting down (where you want it). No longer are the days of having to unlock your iPad (or iPhone) just to check on a timer. iOS 7 has a lot of new features. Don’t overlook the new timer.

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