iMovie Trailer Storyboards (UPDATED)

imovieappThe new iOS iMovie app that premiered with OS X Mavericks and the iPad Air came with a few new features including two new trailer templates. A couple of months ago I posted about using the trailers, and posted links to PDF templates.

I’ve created single-page storyboards for the new trailers, and separated the old ones into individual files. They’re PDFs, so they’re easy to use in apps like Notability if you really want to go paperless.

Some of these I created, some are from the TeachingParadox blog (which has been taken down).


12 thoughts on “iMovie Trailer Storyboards (UPDATED)

  1. Thank you so very very much for creating these amazing trailer templates. I sat on a long haul flight just now from SFO to OSL and completely finished 2 trailers for my business. I think the guy next to me probably wondered why I was running the video so many times, but it was only because you made it sooooo easy for me to make the trailer and finish it looking like a pro. Thank you.

    Now, what’s the easiest way to get more trailer templates from you on my iPad?

  2. Thank you so much! I teach elementary school and these templates for the storyboards will make life so much easier for my students.

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  5. Thank you so much for taking the time to put these templates together and for sharing them! They are so very helpful!!!! I want my students to practice devising a plan, and I want them to create meaningful content BEFORE they start popping in pictures/videos. Your templates are making this lesson really work, without my having to hurt my brain too much. Thank you.

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